Some songs, silly and less so
(starting to collect 08/12)

Fake It to Make It
Settling for Falling in Love
I Know He Loves Me

Fake It to Make It

I was walking along, people watching, when I thought that the only thing which annoys me more than people looking stern and miserable is other people demanding a smile from them. And this popped into my head almost fully formed….

[slow ~ ‘crooner’ style]

There is no need to smile — if a smile’s too much trouble
No, there’s no need to laugh — if you’re feeling too down
So don’t put on an act — when real life bursts your bubble
You don’t have to pretend — you just stick with your frown.

[more positive key?]

But then maybe you’d find — that a fake smile turns real
A little make-believe — might work wonders for you
Try to fool the whole world — it’s the way that you feel
And then that make-believe — may just start to come true

[‘paso doble’ — fast tempo, slightly different tune and quite manic]

It’s surprisingly easy if you try
“You gotta laugh at your troubles or else you’d cry”
Just get up and get dancin’ and don’t ask why
You can have a good lie down when you die

Wear your brightest rags and get out there and sing
Startle folks makin’ jokes about any old thing
Just scream and shout and make the rafters ring
Don’t be down, be a clown and you’ll feel like a king

Don’t be lyin’ and a-cryin’ there in your bed
Get off your tits and get out of your head
Listen to the words that the wise man said —
There’ll be time enough for cryin’ when we’re good and dead.

[tempo primo and maybe getting slower]

Yes, I’m in the same place — and I find acting cheery
Takes the edge off the pain — and it’s good for my health
I can entertain folks — though my soul is so weary
And the only snag is —
I’m not fooling myself

August 2012

Settling for Falling in Love

All the people here are crazy
If I wasn’t so darn lazy
I’d go crazy too, just thinkin’ of you
But I’ll settle for fallin’ in love

I can hear the music playin’
From the sofa where we’re layin’
I’d get up and dance but I’m in a trance
Since I settled for fallin’ in love

   Oh why ask me to waste energy
   On doin’ loads of stuff?
   When I’ve recently found, with you around,
   That breathin’ is more than enough

Oh my agent keeps on ringin’
But I can’t be bothered singin’
I’m so satisfied, lyin’ by your side
Now I’ve settled for fallin’
   I don’t care who’s callin’
       Cos I’ve settled for fallin’ in love

August 2012

I Know He Loves Me

I know he loves me,
Even though he's not aware of it.
He can't stop thinkin' of me,
Though he tells himself he just don't care — not a bit.
I'm so sympathetic to his plight
But what's a girl to do,
Knowing that he loves me
And wishing that he knew it too?

Everythin' about me
Keeps him awake at night.
Couldn't live without me,
If only he could see the light — that's right.
Don't know how he copes with his achin' heart;
The poor guy must be livin' in hell.
I know how much he loves me;
I only wish he knew it as well.

He needs the woman of his dreams to make him whole,
Though they say that ignorance is bliss.
But unrequited love is bad for the soul —
He needs to be aware of this!

If I don't save him,
His heart will surely break.
So how can I help him
To realise his big mistake — what will it take?
He can't forget the taste of my sweet lips,
Although we've never even kissed,
But I have no doubt he'd love me,
If he only knew that I exist!

11 June 2012 — written with the ukulele and singing style of the wonderful Amie Amis in mind