Lowe on Love

(stuff inspired by love in all its guises)

(latest love-thoughts, 24/7/16)

A Fine Pair
Conflicting Reflections
It's a token effort
Heartbreak, Oh Well

A Fine Pair

One Way of Looking At It

My parents began it by making me live
A terrible crime I can never forgive
My own motherís bosom, by filling with food
Coerced me to suck, which was awfully rude

By telling me things that just might be worth knowing
The teachers at school tricked my mind into growing
While out in the playground, my so-called friends knew
How to make their games fun so I had to play too.

Now the shops all ensnare me by stocking nice things
So I buy some more food evíry time a bell rings
And the vignerons out here are doing just fine
At getting me drunk by producing good wine.

All those books on my shelf are well written, indeed
But thatís just a con-trick to get me to read
And those pieces of music that sparkle and glisten ó
All those notes have been put there to force me to listen

And that bastard called Shakespeare, in so many ways,
Keeps making me shell out for watching his plays.
By providing employment I quite like to do,
This damn Universityís doing it too!

And you, you unspeakable, silver-tongued swine
Hooked me with your love and then reeled in the line
You gave me a rose, you plied me with verse,
You made me feel wanted and special and worse...

By looking at life in a similar way
You made me concur with the things that youíd say
Youíd tell me the truth and explain your position ó
An underhand method of gaining admission!

Encouraging me on the paths I selected?
Just a way of ensuring my steps were directed..
For thirteen long years you directed this play:
You even helped move me out here, far away.

But Iíve had enough of this cruel degradation;
Of being the victim of manipulation,
Where nothing has ever been left up to me ó
So Iím wrecking my life now, to set myself free.

Admission Price

Falling in love with love is falling for make-believe
Falling in love with love is being a twat
Telling yourself your love is making life better ó
How many crimes we excuse by saying just that!

I fell in love with love almost without knowing
With someone to whom I could say what I couldnít to you
I could have stopped but no, I just kept on going
And now Ö
        Iím fucked, arenít I?


Conflicting Reflections ('Button up your Overcoat')

Please don't go out of doors:
or, if you do, don't go too far away.
And wrap up warm; I could not bear
to think that you might catch a cold
or come to harm. It's tough out there.

Don't sit at home alone. I hate the thought
of you being sad or even slightly bored.
Go out and have some fun. I'd be distraught
to hear that you were down for just a day
when so much love is yours

(12 10 2011)

Itís a token effort

Itís a token effort
You throw words at me
        with some abandon
The ones that donít bounce off
        adhere like fake tattoos
        dry blood-red on my skin
        for the curious to read.
Those with eyes to see
        let them interpret
        if not understand
Cold mice retrieve the rest
        and scuttle with them
        to their skirting homes
Like us they chew on them ó
        noisily, all night long.

(12 12 2011)


One-eyed Polyphemus lacks a sense of depth
hurling his rocks in the right direction
not seeing all fall short of departing Ulysses

Your arrows too fly past their target
passing harmless overhead or
dropping to the ground a good yard short

(April 2015)


Love, like hate, is horrid;
the chemicals released
close down the frontal lobes,
impair our judgement,
disguise self-interest
as empathy. And chemicals
come likewise with
the death of love, turning
even sympathy to wrath.

Such understanding, such
enlightenment, comes to us
from our science and reason;
yet even when we had a mere
four elements, and stones
might turn base metal
into gold, we knew
that love is blind, and what
beat Hell itself for fury.

We now know more of how
and why ... so, as they say,
what the fuck else is new?

(28 4 2015)

Heartbreak, Oh Well

If your baby leaves you
Better hang your head in shame
Don't rage against that dying love:
You've only yourself to blame

If you're looking for a scapegoat
It's your own face in the frame
You let your soulmate get away
You've only yourself to blame

You may feel fury worse than hell,
An all-consuming flame
But turn that anger right around ó
You've only yourself to blame

Maybe she cheated, maybe he lied
They're all the bloody same!
No. You have to make them want to stay;
You've only yourself to blame

You have no right to non-stop love
No automatic claim;
If you can't keep the flame alive,
You've only yourself to blame

(7 12 2015)


Fake your own death
                and run away with me
Smash your mobile phone
                and, if you must, take out
another, with a made-up name

Cut up your bank cards:
                where we're going we
will not need cash to live;
                we'll earn a crust, by fair
means or foul, warmed by the flame

of crazy love
                and sheer insanity.
Dump that guy now;
                he isn't right for you
as you well know, deep in your heart

But we should be
                together, roaming free;
leaving lovers' footprints
                in tropic sands; entwined
in beds beneath mosquito nets