Avoiding Clichés Like the Plague (a jazzy little number)

Well some guy makes you an offer that you just cannot refuse
So you run off with my sunshine and you leave me with the blues
Now I’ve nothin’ left to play for and ev’rything to lose - by
Avoiding clichés like the plague

You took the wind out of my sails, I can’t believe my eyes ~
Were all of your sweet nothings just an empty pack of lies?
You say I’m full of crap but you don’t seem to realise - I’m
Avoiding clichés like the plague

Now ev’ry hackneyed phrase seems to fit my situation
But I can’t find no words that can bring me consolation
The only thing to do is protect my reputation:
Best foot forward; don’t be vague

So I’m swallowin’ my pride, I ain’t about to blow a fuse
I’m pulling out the stops and putting on my dancin’ shoes
‘Cause I’ve ev’rything to play for and nothin’ left to lose - from
Avoiding clichés —
don't care what she says — I'm
Avoiding clichés like the plague