By Their Anoraks Shall Ye Know Them

By their anoraks shall ye know them,
By their hair and their National Health specs,
And their unpleasant smell: with their mothers they dwell,
And they certainly never have sex

All alone they sit with their computers
Or discuss algorithms on-line;
They’re strangers to hope, human contact — and soap —
But their programming skills are just fine

Yet they may be our ultimate line of defence
Against governments, crooks and the man:
When you simply can’t clean spyware off your machine,
There’s a guy in a bedsit who can.

So while ‘normal’ folk treat them with caution,
And the cool dudes regard them with mirth,
You just mark my words — be nice to your nerds —
For the geek will inherit the earth

(1980s, completed 2011)