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Lucidity Limited
making things clear …

Welcome.  Have you ever been to a Lucidity Ltd site before?
No?  Oh dear.  Well, don't worry.
Would you prefer "Culture" or Company stuff?
Click whichever one you like.
Or just use the 'kwik linx' down the side.

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coffee project

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my chess project

Site being overhauled in July 2015

Having been told by many, including the Luvofmelife, that this is an ill-designed, confusing mess,
I am redisgning it in a way that will no doubt be worse on every count.

Click here to try out the new index page

I will be adding code to resize it to fit your screen;
in the meantime you can zoom with CTRL + or -
or CTRL and your scrolling wheel if you have one
(if you're on a mac, serves you right; you're on your own)

Just to remind you, I'm in a pop video! As a psychologist, madder than the client.

Meanwhile, I'm told by the Luvofmelife that I need to redesign this site
to make it more user-friendly (ie less smartarse),
if I actually want to sell the products of pure genius
— or, indeed, myself.
Vague ideas are starting to form. So — watch this space …
But, as I say ...

Lucidity Ltd are proud to announce the publication of their book of pomes

Just click the image to go to our Books home page, to see how to obtain yout copy.
Soon to be available for all electronic readers.

Performance videos of some are still on youtube (why not subscribe?)

Still tweeting what i'm eating.
By popular request there's also the
page of recipes
And as I do eat out more than I can afford, I'm also
reviewing what I'm chewing.
Your chance to cook and eat along!

It's gradually turning into an idea for a publishable work called
The Wullie-nae-mates Cookbook
Latest additions are
Faisinjan, a Persian dish of duck with walnuts and pomegranate juice,
and the Off-Key Lime Pie.

Still hacking at the second copy of the chess set,
ripped off based on a design by Max Ernst,

The Cappuccino Project trundles on sporadically ~
Valerie of the Coffee House in St Andrews is the latest addition (Sept 2013).

First 24 photos and poems still available in book form

A 48 page full-colour A6 booklet of all the pomes and pics
Click here to get your copy!

Catalogues for past shows.

Life Drawings and LOVE. What more could you want?
Click to download a pdf catalogue for either show.

August 2008
International Variations
on the LOVE paintings of Robert Indiana

June 2008
WASPS Life Drawing Group Show

Are you aged between 7 and 13? Do you like a good read?
Do you have kids between 7 and 13? Do they like a good read?
Do you have a mental age between 7 and 13? Do you like a good read?
Do you want to know what on Earth I'm on about?
Then go straight to the funnest page on the site to read
Little Mr Poonlop's Seventh Holiday
"It's brilliant": Adam Smith
(no, not that Adam Smith)

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(To be honest, I'd recommend culture, the brilliant poems, paintings and thoughts of a born-again renaissance man.
— No?  Please yourselves.

The best writing (best being a relative term) is probably found in the Tortillas de Camarones
that describe my time in Cádiz, Spainland, 2000.

The other side has an up-to-date CV,
in case you're looking for a programmer, analyst, manager or all-round whizz-kid(?)

and a very useful set of pages if you need a guide to the basics of home computing ~

not to mention some meaningless waffle and a few crap jokes)

Lucidity Limited
making things clear …