don't ask what
Lucidity Limited
can do for you

No, wait, do ask that.  Ask it now.

There are so many things we can lend a hand with, born of years of experience, trial and horrendous error. I've messed up so you don't have to!

This page was hastily knocked up on July 28 2015 if it's well beyond that date and it hasn't been filled out, I'm probably dead. But if you're looking within a week of that, please do come back soon.

So, what can Lucidity do for you?

Advice on online selling, video posting, etc

Proofreading and even editing

Plumbing, lightbulb changing (naturally)

Admin, databases, spreadsheets, communications

Research above and well beyond simple websearching.

All this and much more...details to follow.

If you're feeling too impatient, just email me now

Lucidity Limited
making anything clear!