Lucidity Limited
designing things clearly

Yes, we can design a webpage for you.  Why not?

But what's our philosophy of web design, our mission statement, our standard operational bullshit?

(What on earth have two arms sticking out of a plantpot got to do with anything?)

Well, it all depends.   What do you want a website for?
But whatever you want to do, if you're selling something, explaining a service or just trying to put a message across, we reckon there are some basic principles that should always apply:

(Maybe you're an installation artist who sticks arms into plantpots ... It can happen!)

1. Keep it clear and simple

2. Can't think of a 2 at the moment.

3. Keep the fancy stuff to a minimum

4. Do something

5. Can't think of a 5 either.

6. How many of these are there?

And whatever else you do, even if you're an installation artist who makes such things, never, ever have a picture of a row of shocking pink chairs, especially on a salmon pink background.
So contact us if you think we might be able to help you.

See our computer guru pages for an idea of cost and what we can do.

Not interested?   Back to the home page then.   Thanks for stopping by.