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What can Lucidity Limited do for you?

For many people, especially those of us who grew up before personal computers appeared in primary schools, those little monsters (the computers, not the schoolkids) have a rather daunting aura.

They shouldnít (the kids, on the other hand, ...).

We want to help you get the most out of your computer.  We offer a friendly one-to-one service, to guide you through the impenetrable jargon of the manuals and the strangely unhelpful help screens.

We donít just do it for you or even show you how itís done.  Our aim is to make ourselves redundant, leaving you with enough confidence to discover more things for yourself.

Don't be scared by Word Processors, Spreadsheets and Databases.  We can give you a simple introductory talk to explain how these are merely souped-up versions of Typewriters, Adding Machines and Card Files.

If you already know that, perhaps we can show you how some of those bells, whistles and go-faster stripes work.  And show you how to find more of them for yourself.

What about printers, scanners, cameras?  We can show you how your computer can be a photo album, an art studio, a publisher — almost anything you can imagine. We'll help you install the software and plug in the hardware and make that baby dance.

What about the Internet?  Confused by e-mail?  Scared of getting caught in the World Wide Web?  Hypochondriac about computer viruses?  We can give advice on how to pick your way safely through the minefield and see what this amazing resource has to offer.
(If you're reading this, you obviously have some idea already!  This text is based on our wonderfully informative leaflet for the total technophobe.  But we include it here in case you want to learn more or you know someone else who might benefit from our assistance.)

But if you still get stuck with problems or don't want to get your feet dirty in the internet swamp, we can still help with troubleshooting or research. If the truth is out there, Lucidity will find it for you!

So click here to drop us a mail now and see if we can make things clear for you.

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