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We don't pretend to know what the best equipment or the best software to buy might be.  There are hundreds of magazines and shops all giving conflicting advice and to be honest we're as confused as you are.  Let's face it, you can go to the store and buy the most advanced machine around and, by the time you get it home and plug it in, the same shop will tell you it's obsolete.  But we can cut through the waffle and give you pointers.  You tell us what you want to do and we can point you in the right direction.

Serious techno-geek troubleshooting? That might be a bit beyond us — it's been a few years since I owned an anorak. But seriously, in twenty years, I've never had a problem I couldn't fix on my own machine. And we might be able to show you a few 'tricks of the trade' so that future crashes needn't cause quite so much distress.

Accidentally deleted those crucial files or all the pics on your digital camera? Don't panic! Get in touch before you press another button and we might just be able to save them.

Decorating, curtain fitting, fitted cupboards?  Come round, see my bookshelves, then decide — to go elsewhere. But who knows what me might help with? It never hurts to try.

Even if we can't help with everything, maybe we know a man person who can?  So click here to drop us a mail now and see if we can make things clear for you and, if we can't, who can.

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