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Will you have to sell your house and all its contents to pay us back?

I suppose in every relationship the question of money has to raise its ugly head sooner or later.  But worry not, we're cheaper than most plumbers.  And more flexible.

Our basic rate is £30 an hour plus VAT.  But we’re pretty relaxed about the details.

Assuming you don’t live too far away, the clock starts running when we arrive and ends when the work is done.  And we won’t quibble about the odd overrrun.

If any of our time becomes unproductive, perhaps because we have to bone up on something unfamiliar, we’ll stop the clock or reduce the rate.

Once we’ve met, we can even start to help you remotely.  Ring or mail us with your questions and we may well be able to help without subjecting you to a visit.  For that we’ll charge the same rate but calculate it in ten minute chunks rather than hours.

And you can either pay some money on account, post us the occasional cheque or we can ‘send the boys round’ whenever your debt (or our bank account) approaches a worrying figure.  We accept PayPal too, so you can use your credit card securely and we won't even see it.

Whatever happens, we’ll discuss the options beforehand and make sure you’re prepared for the worst.

So click here to drop us a mail now and see if we can make things clear for you.

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