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Our main areas of expertise lie in the world of the PC or Personal Computer — that's the ones based on the IBM design and beloved of the scientific and geek community, rather than the very wonderful Apple Macintoshes favoured by arty-farty types.  But even those hold no fears for the agents of Lucidity Ltd (making things clear...)!

The software we use most includes the Lotus WordPro® word processor and 1-2-3® spreadsheet but we're also pretty handy with Mr Gates's products, Microsoft Word® and Excel®, as well as the Access® Database.  We play with pictures using Adobe Photo products and LivePix, we throw stuff on and off the web using Ipswitch FTP Pro (all ®) and who-knows-what else.

But, once you know one word processor or spreadsheet, it's pretty easy to pick up another; and what we like to think we're best at is showing you how the damn things work, guiding you through the instructions and proving they aren't actually written in an obscure dialect of Greek.

We’re pretty good at research, so if you don’t fancy surfing for hours to find a piece of information why not let us do it for you?  Even then we recommend you sit in on the process — not only might you pick up hints on how to do it yourself, but you'll see how the blind alleys of the world wide web can themselves be interesting and serendipitous.

We can even help you set your video recorder, fix your dripping taps, change lightbulbs ...

You never know what we might be able to help with.  So click here to drop us a mail now and see if we can make things clear for you.

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