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Assorted Daubs

Well, after much dragging of heels, this page, which dates back to 2000, has finally had a tentative upgrade so it looks equally rubbish on those mobile things the kids have now, as well as the steam computator on your friendly-neighbourhood artist's desk.

Most of these are for sale, by the way. Do contact me if you're interested in acquiring an original Lowe. They could be worthless priceless in years to come.

So, what have we got for you? We have a fascinating wee series, maybe with more to come, of paintings of West Lothian's Oil Shale Bings, followed for no good reason, by what I've called Love's Residue, portrayals of lost love. (All together now: Aaaaah!)
OK, put the violins away and consider the wastebin of art which I call my Odds and Sods section. Stuff from the early 1980s to whenever I gave it all up as a bad job. During which time I created a whole set of variations on the LOVE paintings of Robert Indiana.
Finally we go into three dimensions for the Sculptures and Installations, including the Shreddies series of pieces done in paper shredders. Maybe 3D should have its own page, like drawings, photographs and conceptual art — but, for now at least, I say "sod that for a game of soldiers".

But we start with some pictures that came about when a vivacious Chinese music teacher came to stay, in between travelling around the UK and Europe a bit...

Jing Things
Paintings and posters inspired by the visit to Scotland of Jing Gao of Hangzhou in 2017

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Bing Sings Things, 2015

The 'bings' of West Lothian are waste heaps from shale oil extraction, which began in the 1850s and continued until the 1960s, the world's first large-scale oil refining industry, and a forerunner of modern 'fracking'.
The iron content of the waste causes the distinctive reddish tinge, reminiscent of Uluru (Ayer's Rock) in Australia.

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Love's Residue
To See Oursel's as Ithers See Us
oil on canvas (150x75)
September 2013

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Odds and Sods
four decades of trying

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Variations on Robert Indiana's LOVE paintings, 2007
(highlights — see the whole set here — all acrylic on canvas 30x30)

to see sketch versions of the whole set,

To see the catalogue for the Edinburgh Festival Exhibition from 2008

Are you a gallery? If you'd like to host an exhibition and sell the results,
get in touch.

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Sculptures and Installations

manual paper shredder installations
(click on the titles for the shredded texts)

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