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Assorted Daubs and Other Crap
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Most of these are for sale, you know.
Do contact me if you're interested in acquiring an original Lowe.
They could be worthless priceless in years to come.


"Bringing in the Sheaves I"

gouache on paper 28x20
April 2019

A pair of paintings for the
Spring exhibition
by members of the
Scottish Arts Club
in their gallery and that at the
Glasgow Art Club
April and May 2019

The caption reads
Jing Reaps the Harvest, or Peaceful Harvest

"Bringing in the Sheaves II"

gouache on paper 28x20
May 2019

"Walking to Assisi"

oil on canvas (84x60cm)
November 2017

"Staring at the Sea"

(Jing on the Cliffs of Moher)

oil on canvas (30x30cm)
April 2017
private coll, Hangzhou, China

A pair of paintings for the
Spring exhibition
by members of the
Scottish Arts Club
in the gallery at the
Glasgow Art Club
May 11th 2017
to early June

"Sitting on the Sea"

(Zoe and dog in a bay on Colonsay)

acrylic on canvas (A4)
April 2017

"Greendykes Bing, Broxburn"

oil on canvas (39x16in)
September 2014

The 'bings' of West Lothian are waste
heaps from oil shale extraction, which
began in the 1850s and continued
until the 1960s, the world's first
large-scale oil refining industry,
and a forerunner of modern 'fracking'.
The iron content of the waste causes the
distinctive reddish tinge, reminiscent
of Uluru (Ayer's Rock) in Australia.

"Five Sisters Bing, West Calder"

oil on canvas (39x16in)
October 2014

"Winchburgh Bing & Niddry Castle"

acrylic on canvas (12x12in)
November 2015
private coll.

"To See Oursel's as Ithers See Us"

oil on canvas (60x30in)
September 6 2013

"Odds and Sods"

"A Bend In The Trent"
Oil on canvas (75x50cm)
31st December 2007

"Pho Trader" (Jodie Nguyen)
Pastel (48x63cm)
25th January 2011

"It's just a photograph of someone that I knew"
Oil on canvas (30x30cm)
31st March 2011

"Pure Raspberry"
Oil on canvas (25x30cm)
13th October 2008

"Raka ~ sketch"
Oil on canvas (20x25cm)
December 2011

"Pente Nueve, Ronda, Spain"
Watercolour and pen (21x14cm)
October 1991

"DaiZo no Keiko"
Oil on canvas (45x60cm)
April 2004

"Two Naked Thai Women (detail)"
Oil on canvas (60x120cm)
May 2003

"La Ducha a la Vera"
Pastel (53x74cm)
7th October 2004
(Private Coll, Edinburgh)

"DaiZo no Rumi"
Ink and wash(20x30cm)
30th January 2007

Obelisk and Tangerine
(After misheard Matisse)
Oil on canvas (52x68cm)

Pastel (74x53cm)

Tropical Shower
Pastel (53x74cm)

La Rottura di Veneri
(Apologies to Degas)
Pastel (74x53cm)

Mother and Children
(After Picasso)
Oil on canvas (44x55cm)

Fuego Bar, London
(After Manet)
Oil on canvas (90x60cm)

Louise O'Murphy
After Boucher
Oil on canvas (70x60cm)

Hatsuko in Cambridge
(A Punt on the Cam)
Oil on canvas (28x22cm)
1999 (Private Coll, Tokyo)

Flats on Bethnal Green Rd
Watercolour (60x40cm)
c.1990 (Private Coll, London)

Lucy Kenward, aged 4
Leicester Market
Pastel (53x74cm)
1986 (Private Coll, Bromsgrove)

Either way
, there's room for more wine!

Glass Half Full
oil on canvas(30x30cm)
Oct 2013 (Artist's Coll, Edinburgh)

Glass Half Empty
oil on canvas(30x30cm)
Nov 2013 (Private Coll, Germany)

Still room (in Paris)
oil on canvas(30x30cm)
October 2014 (Artist's Coll, Edinburgh)

on Robert Indiana's LOVE (work in progress)"

"Variation I: LOWE"
Acrylic on Canvas (40x40cm)
8th March 2007

"Variation II: ZOE"
Acrylic on Canvas (40x40cm)
8th March 2007

"Variation X: POSE"
Laser Printout on Canvas (40x40cm)
September 2007

to see sketch versions of the whole set,

To see the catalogue for the Edinburgh International Festival Exhibition from 2008

Are you a gallery? If you'd like to host an exhibition and sell the results,
get in touch.

"Work in Progress"

"To the Waters and the Wild"
Oil on canvas after Jack B Yeats
in progress

Come away, O human child,
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand;
For the world's more full of weeping
than you can understand

(W B Yeats)

"no title as yet"
"Oil on canvas (100x78cm)
in (slow) progress

The sofa is pretty much done and looking good.
Enforced breaks due to father's health mean it could be a while before the bodies are done.

"Gades va Cádiz"

Gades goes Biquini
Oil on canvas (27x35cm)
26 Sept 2000
Series abandoned
due to understandable
loss of self-belief
by "artist"

Now in private coll., Wimbledon

Gades goes Supermercado
Oil on canvas (35x27cm)
Abandoned Dec 2000

Sculptures and Installations

Disbelief of Suspension
Picture hanger (4x6cm)

Los Recuerdos de las Vacaciones
del Calvo
Complementary Combs

Polled Heredord (after Pablo)
Bicycle Saddle

Ciment Fondue

Homage to Martin Creed
Paper, Blu-Tak, Masking Tape
Miniature Gallery
In-Office Installation 2001

Woodwork I
Pine Timber 88x78cm
Temporary Installation
09 June 2006

(Manual Paper Shredder Installations)
(click on the titles for the shredded texts)

No 1
Slaughter of Innocence
Catalan Nativity Scene,
Matthew 2:18, various languages
Dec 2002
(temporary version-
awaiting caganer)

No 2
The Incomprehensibility
of Damien Hirst in the Mind
of Someone Uneducated

Clay shark, photoprint
Feb 2003

No 3
Data Protection Act
Printout, shredded paper
Mar 2003

No 4
"Always our old feuillage!"
Clay Skeletons, plant pots, sweetcorn, news text
Private coll., London
May 2003

No 5
Guacomole, photos of ingredients
June 2003
Temporary work for
private view catering

No 6
I Don't Care
Clay model, photoprints,
balsa wood, acrylics
Oct 2003

No 7
Because You're Worth It!
Clay model (self portrait),
photoprints, acrylics
Jul 2008

No 8
old copies of I Love You From Miffy
work in progress

"Bite Size Shreddies"
(Mini Manual Paper Shredder Installations)

No 1
Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!
Japanese Spring beans
and sugar demons
Mar 2003

No 2
Total Penetration
(penis, vagina)
Mar 2003

No 3
Spectral Analysis

Oct 2003

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