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Inaccurate Conception

Go away, I'm still building this page
which is maybe a conceptual performance piece in its own right.

Right now it's only a notion,
but I think I can get the money to make it into a concept,
and later turn it into an idea.

(Woody Allen)

Latest conceptual thingy,

Like selfies, but each of someone else.

(mobile phone photos, January 2017 to ...?)

Most of my conceptual pieces are no more than that.

In some cases this is due to as yet insurmountable obstacles, like the lack of wherewithal to buy a thousand houses.

In most it's sheer bone idleness.

So the links from this page lead you to an account, often in words, occasionally with pictures or diagrams, of the work, be it proposed, in progress or just a pipe dream (or, as Magritte would say, not a pipe dream).

Comments, offers of assistance or money or requests to do lunch, gratefully received. Mail me.

Life, measured out Project 30 Victoria St Project Not an Oak Tree
Body Darma Elsies project

Body Darma Infinite Variety

A few examples of vaguely conceptual features from the other arty farty pages linked to below.

Rest and be Crabbit

In memory of Peter D Lowe (1925-2012)
who didn't much like people

(Wood and carpet tacks, 20x7x10cm, November 2015)

Shreddie No 2
The Incomprehensibility
of Damien Hirst in the Mind
of Someone Uneducated

Clay shark, photoprint
Feb 2003

Disbelief of Suspension
Picture hanger (4x6cm)

Los Recuerdos de las Vacaciones
del Calvo
Complementary Combs

Polled Heredord (after Pablo)
Bicycle Saddle

Homage to Martin Creed
Paper, Blu-Tak, Masking Tape
Miniature Gallery
In-Office Installation 2001

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