No. That front page is anything but clear!

But it wasn't meant to be. It's a junkbox for you to rummage in, an attic full of broken toys.

It was set up when I was in Spain in 2000.

As I learnt to design and build web pages,
I used each section to practice different techniques;
such as frames on the poetry pages,
tables and thumbnails for the paintings,
fancy page changes for the Spanish tales,
javascript popups (optional) in the PC Guru blurb

and, it cannot be denied, there's a masturbatory aspect to it all.
Yes, it's self-indulgent; yes, it's more for my amusement than yours;
but if you can find some pleasures in it too, then you're more than welcome
(and I'd love to hear from you).

It all depends what you want a webpage for.

These are here as if to amuse, divert and delight
(okay, maybe they don't but I said "as if", all right?!),
maybe even to confuse and infuriate.

Clarity is not required. The medium should suit the message at least.

But if you wanted me to design you a webpage
and you actually wanted to sell something or put a point across,
I would take a very different approach: clear and simple,
straightforward and to the point; like my friends' hotel in Andalusia,
or (I hope) my own sub-site selling me to the rich and clueless of Hampstead.

Happy now? So you can go back again and play around to your heart's content!
Best wishes,
Dai Lowe