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Life, Measured Out

(Los de Capuchinos 19 ~ 22)

Natasha (Edinburgh)
Fruitmarket Gallery
12 June 2009

(to Lonesome George)

Artisan Roast, from time to time,
sells coffee from Las Islas Galápagos:
an interesting brew ~ rich, chocolate,
intense. More fascinating still,
the plants have each developed down the years
forms suited to their differing habitats:
on Española growing high up off the ground,
avoiding the jaws of long-necked tortoises.
On Rábida the berries have evolved a thicker
shell, to counter the local finches' massive
bills. And on many islands, folks believe,
a new, dwarf coffee strain is taking root;
nestling in chinks and crannies, in a vain
attempt to hide from bloody naturalists!
July 2009

Imogen (Edinburgh)
Fruitmarket Gallery
12 June 2009
Coffee, (which makes the Politician wise
and see thro' all things with his half shut Eyes)
Sent up in Vapours to the Baron's brain
New Stratagems, the radiant Lock to gain.
Alexander Pope: The Rape of the Lock (1714)

Jon (Edinburgh)
Word of Mouth, Albert St
14 June 2009


Will ye tak a dram o' spirits wi' yer latte
An' raise it in a toast tae Hope and Art?
Though loneliness might well-nigh drive ye batty,
There's inspiration in a broken heart.
Och aye, nae doot I would be gey delighted
Should devotion yet win oot agin the odds
But love both undeclared and unrequited
Gave us Dante, aye, an' Petrarch ~ silly sods!
But though there's muckle matter found in grievin'
And Winter's Journeys start where true hearts break,
There's something in me canna help believin'
Shared happiness wad better versies make.
Oh wad some Pow'r gie me the chance the morrow
Tae prove that Love maks better ink than sorrow!

Emmanuelle (Romans-sur-Isère, France)
Le Marché Français, Haymarket
26 June 2009
He was my cream, and I was his coffee ~
and when you poured us together,
it was something!
Josephine Baker (1906-1975)

Anna (Szczecinek, Poland)
Caffé Lucano, George IV Bridge
30 June 2009


This work, once supposed to be tragic,
With something so poignant to say,
By some serendipitous magic
Appears to have gone well 'agley'.

Twenty-five chaps and chapesses,
Who'd sweeten the bitterest heart:
Their welcoming cheerfulness messes
With this tale of a lonely old fart.

So, like Micean men with their well-planned lays,
I know, as I wander around,
There'll always be something to brighten my days,
While there's coffee and love to be found!

Eileen (Edinburgh)
Urban Angel, Forth St
7 July 2009

All I have left:


and cappuccino

July 2009

all photos by daizo
except this one by Magdalena Ozymierska
and 'Joanna', by Caroline Scott
all poems and stuff by me except where stated

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