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Life, Measured Out

(Los de Capuchinos 13 ~ 18)

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Wojciech (Radom, Poland)
Café Kleofas, Gorgie
27 May 2009

Coffee in England is just toasted milk
(Christoper Fry)

Coffee in England always tastes like a chemistry experiment
(Agatha Christie)

Gary (Cape Town, South Africa)
Glass & Thompson, Dundas St
29 May 2009
To a Coffee

Fair fa' your foamin', sprinkled heid!
All ither drinks ye far exceed;
A pick-me-up in time o' need;
Fresh-brewed an' frothy!
When owerhung Jock wak's up, haff-deid,
Gie him a coffee!

Angela (Edinburgh)
Peckhams, Stockbridge
2 June 2009


Oh, you are beauteous and fair!
As candlelight shines in your hair,
Reflecting, on your lips divine,
The richness of the crimson wine:
Your eyes are filled with passion, torrid …
Stone the crows! Your coffee's horrid!

(based on a vaguely remembered tv advert)
(does not apply to any beverage served at featured establishments!)

Bernie (Tipperary, Ireland)
Café Jacques, Grassmarket
4 June 2009
The Taste Land

Espresso is the purist's drink, distilling
savour of the perfect-roasted bean, offsetting
bitterness with just a touch of demerara.
Cappuccino is for wimps and saddos
And 'skinny latte'? Just don't get me started ...

Julia (Lyons, France)
Café Jacques, Grassmarket
4 June 2009

Mais alors, du haut du ciel le déesse Mnémotechnie
se penche et nous tend sous la forme:
‹‹ habitude de demander son café au lait ››
l'espoir de la résurrection
(Marcel Proust: La Prisonierre)

Kenny (Glasgow) and Lisa (Edinburgh)
renroc, Montgomery St
10 June 2009

In vino veritas. Oh yeah?
I've alwaysh loved you, mate: you're my besht friend!
The world today … what you need … I don't care …
Please turn that sun off ~ make the throbbing end.

No ~ coffee brings a truer bonhomie:
Much clearer thought: ideas served up with wit ~
On love, on politics, philosophy ~
You're guaranteed a better class of shit.

June 2009

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