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Life, Measured Out

(Los de Capuchinos 7 ~ 12)

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Joanna (Wroclaw, Poland)
Café Florentin, Stockbridge
30 April 2009

Or to some coffee-house I stray
For news, the manna of the day

(Matthew Green: The Spleen, 1737)

Yaz (Edinburgh)
Forest Café, Bristo Place
2 May 2009
Sonnet: Poème de l'amour et de l'amer

Our likes and dislikes did not differ much,
Or so it seems, across time's vapid wastes,
CHOCOLATE, she loved but COFFEE, would not touch;
She liked the smell but could not stand the taste.
Boiled COFFEE is spoiled COFFEE, so they say
And, though it was not drinks that soured our brew,
Such tiny things, great structures cause to sway;
Excessive fire can make love bitter too.
Who knows? If we should once more chance to meet,
Might not those poor, fate-sundered fragments mend?
Like two contrasting flavours, bitter, sweet,
In MOCHA synthesise a pleasing blend.
And then to all life's cafés would we go:

June 2009

Patrycja (Elk, Poland)
Café Florentin, Stockbridge
7 May 2009
And that is why I sojourn here,
Alone and faintly wittering,
Though my cappuccino has gone cold
And my phone don't ring
DLowe/JKeats: La barista sans merci

Anja (Berlin, Germany)
Peckhams, Stockbridge
8 May 2009

Ei! Wie schmeckt der Coffee süsse,
lieblicher als tausend Küsse,
milder als Muskatwein.
Coffee, Coffee, muss ich haben,
und wenn jemand mich will laben,
ach, so schenkt mir Coffee ein!
CFHenrici/JSBach: Coffee Cantata, BWV211

Noë (Nantes, France)
Le Marché Français, Haymarket
13 May 2009

do stupid things faster
with more energy
popular fridge magnet motto

Megan (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand)
Artisan Roast, Broughton St
14 May 2009

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