Base Camp (and I can be both) Disclaimers and Stuff Versión Española

Tortillas de Camarones
(Shrimp Fritters)

1. Introducción — Cádiz: Sexo y Mariscos Introduction, sex - and seafood?
2. Smack My Beach Up I
the magic sand on my local beach ay picos
3. El Pasado es Otro Pais I
our first visit and a German
4. La Viña Loca I
why I moved here ay picos
5. Smack My Beach Up II
I find a beach-based occupation ay picos
6. La Viña Loca II
searching for a place to dwell ay picos
7. ¿KSSO? I
a question of misunderstanding? ay picos
8. Smack My Beach Up III
trouble in the sandy paradise ay picos
9. Guest Article: Complaint of Culture
el Gran Teatro Falla by 'Robert Hughes'
10. La Viña Loca III
finding a home from home
11. El Pasado es Otro Pais II
our second visit - drums and bikinis

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