Lucidity Limited
making things clear …

Hello. This is just a page to tell you things you might need to know about the Tortillas.

Firstly, please understand that they do not come under the heading of Travel Writing or Tourist Information.
The tour is one of my disturbed mind with a blurred picture of Cádiz projected onto it, rather than of Cádiz as seen through my eyes.
They may dip their toes in the icy waters of truth from time to time but not often enough to be used as even a rough guide to the town.

I have no intention of providing much tourist information, how to get here or whatever; plenty of other sources exist already.
The Lucidity home page has links to cadiznet and infocadiz. You can zoom in on the interactive map at cadiznet and navigate around the streets as you read (go on: you know you want to!).

Any resemblance between the characters herein and real people, particularly those with the same names, is the result of sheer bad luck.
This includes the author who hopes he is not much like the narrator.
And especially it includes Bob Hughes (number 9) whom I admire enormously and do not wish to offend, particularly as far as a lawsuit.
If anybody objects to anything, do tell me before you tell a lawyer. I don't have enough dough to be worth suing anyway.

There is some 'adult' language (ie like that heard in any school playground) in one or two places, no more.
If you are delicate about such things maybe you should move on now.

I meet a lot of people who are unsure about the web and stuff (hey, Lucidity Limited can help you!).
More than one has said, "I don't want to run up a huge phone bill while I read all that ****".
No need, cariadau. Your browser probably has a "save" option under "file".
Save it ("save whole web page") or all of them, in a folder.
Then go back in when you're off-line, read it at your leisure on screen or print it out
(on Internet Explorer they seem to print nicely, pics and all but no background).
Print copies for your chums: what better present could one give?

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