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el inglés loco
my carnaval rig.
please note that the face fuzz has since gone

álbum de recortes
Carnaval 2001

(Stick your cursor
over the pictures
for occasionally helpful descriptions)

the bride of ming trainee Gandalf some of 'the liars' chirigota
a cuarteto in transit er...people waiting for the parade
dragon at the front
the big parade
chica with bird
float under puerta de la tierra big heads

another float of jolly nymphs
Yes, I know the pics aren't very good and the page is scrappy but it was dark, I'd been drinking and it's still Carnaval and I'm still drinking. Okay? third float a kitchen range Yes, it's a kitchen range - people will dress up as anything - most outrageous was a pair of carpet slippers - no, I don't mean somebody wearing only slippers, I mean two people dressed as carpet slippers.
that's enough floats ... Ed

Later that night...
las guapas de Albero
the best I
could do with
the fireworks
at the castle
fuegos artificiales

My little Carnaval Song: El accento gadita
Started at Carnaval 2001 — Finally finished in 2020!

Soy inglés, pero vivo en la Viña
Como la plata? - ¡no has visto mi cucina!
Primera vez, la ciudad me encantado,
Pronto lo supe —
mi corazón e' gaditano.
En Inglaterra aprendí 'pañol muy bueno
Pero aquí se volvió — co' un mal sueño!
Mi ca'tellano 'tuvo bien, pero
¡lo siento!
¿Qué diablos le pasa a tu acento?
¿Perdoneme? Es difícil captar sentidos,
E' tan rapido, y tu come' los sonidos
En las tiendas nunca se que 'toy comprando
Y la gente se ríe con mi fallando.
Dondequiera voy, 'cucho la alegría
¡Estoy seguro que saben que yo quería!
No soy un burro, y no soy una cabra
Solo inglés y no entiendo una palabra ...

And an English version:

I am English, but I live here in la Viña.
Clean as the silver?! My kitchen you ain't seen, yeah?
When I first came here, the old city worked its magic,
And I soon knew — my heart belongs to Cádiz.
Back home in London, I had learned a bit of Spanish —
When I got here all that knowledge seemed to vanish!
I thought my grasp of Castellano was quite decent
But what the hell is going on here with your accent?!
Though I know we shouldn't let such things upset us,
They speak so quickly — and they swallow half the letters.
In shops and bars I never quite know what I'm buying,
But the locals seem amused to see me trying
Everywhere I go I hear their jolly laughter
Though I'm sure the buggers know just what I'm after!
I'm not a 'donkey', and I'm not a 'silly bird',
I'm simply English —and don't understand … a bloody word!

With all these groups singing their satirical songs, especially when they move from traditional tanguillos to recent pop hits for their tunes, it gives the impression, at least to an inglés of a certain age, of a culture that was once taken over by Lance Perceval and the Barron Knights and has never quite recovered.

The Winners of the Chirigota Competition at Teatro Falla
(All details and lyrics can be found by exploring the official Carnaval Website)

2nd Prize: Atletico Agujeta
(the worst team in the world)

my local team
Sample 'Cuplet': What a shit, the English submarine

Que mierda de submarino el de los ingleses
Que tienen ahi aparcao
Seis meses averiao
Y contaminando el tema
Y seguro que la fuga es del latiguillo de la cisterna
La radiacion la sufriran to' los mariscos
Habra coquinas grandes como palanganas
Y almejas de quatro pisos
Como el coño de mi hermana
De to' los mutaciones solo una es un problema
Los carajos marinos
Que hay en la Caleta
A esos hay que vigilarlos
Tenemos que estar encima
No vaya a salirle pastas y salgan
Corriendo por to' la Viña

Delicacy forbids a translation but it basically implies the radiation from HMS Tireless in Gibraltar is mutating all the seafood to giant size.

My contribution would be:
We all live in a nuclear submarine
They told us it was clean -
It turned our goolies green...

1st prize
Tampax Goyescas

Sample Cuplet: What a Blow TV Gave our People

Que pelotazo ha dado en televisión uno de nuestros paisanos
que por su simpatía y su buen humor ha ganado el Gran Hermano
Nadie duda en España que es Ismael el típico gaditano
porque se ha llevado diez millones rascándose los cojones... ¡el sueño de un gaditano!

Reconozco que yo no soy mu' sensible pa' estas cuestiones
pero al verlo ganar se me derramaron dos lagrimones.
Bajé a la calle enseguida a comprar champán para celebrarlo
pa' celebrar que un gachó vestido del Cádiz ganaba algo

This is about Ismael, the Gaditano who won Spain's version of "Big Brother" (incidentally, did you realise that Dai Lo is Big Brother in some Chinese Dialects?).
They bemoan the fact that the rest of Spain now thinks all Gaditanos are like him, when all he has done is win 40,000 quid for scratching his balls - "the dream of a Gaditano!"
But down in the streets they're buying Champagne to celebrate - that a bloke dressed in Cádiz style could win anything.

tampax goyescas

cuartet in la viña
Roman quartet in la Viña

My singable plea for international harmony:

We think that you're all lazy
and your beer makes us feel hazy
so we've made your cows go crazy
and our tourists are obscene.
You take fish from out our waters
and your waiters shag our daughters
so we send football supporters
and a nuclear submarine.

You never do things when you say
- mañana, or another day.
Our weather's always wet and grey
and we just don't know how to dance
But leave our governments to fight -
let us be friends and drink all night:
whatever else is wrong or right,
neither of us comes from France!

las vacas locas
"the mad cows"

and so to Thursday night (1/3/1)
A friend from Germany expressed surprise that the celebrations went on beyond Shrove Tuesday.
—Are they not Catholics? she asked.
—Yes, I replied, but they are also Andalucians .... Party on, dudes!

Note to the British: This beats the the shit out of pancakes!

Most of the world's Carnivals have a King and Queen, right?
Not us, matey! We have a goddess and her nymphs. Right on!

Here's last year's goddess, Lola (L-O-L-A: Lola), saying thank you for a wonderful year and this year's, Alicia, expressing her hopes for world peace and owning her own hairdressing salon someday
or is that Miss World or Come Dancing or ... ? Veronica! More beer!

canal sur was there
last year's model, Lola Macías this year's Diosa, Alicia Rodríguez, 23
And then they dance, of course ...
dancing queen - sorry, goddess dancing nymphs

sing when it's raining... It rained a lot on Friday
But we didn't let that stop us.

Well, it might have stopped the Carousel of Choirs, I didn't venture far enough from Jose's bar to check.

That's Oscar Barrios in the bar with me (if anybody is looking for a wine fermentation expert, he's your man and he's available) and the grinning girlies are all from Chicago and studying in Seville. Apart from them and the waiter at Criollo, I don't know any of these people.

Come quickly! Bring Pizza!

we're singing in the rain...
me and my mate Oscar Criollo Restaurant
yet more jolly songsters five girls named ?
a picture of two halves, Brian filming the seafood
I don't mind the rain, as Cerys once sang outside my door - go away, let me sleep!

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