Fardel's Bear
an Attic Comedy
by J D Lowe

By turns thought-provoking, annoying, intriguing and, occasionally, hilarious,
this installation in words is available for Kindles, Nooks or Sony Readers

( check out the first few chunks here)

PDF Format (1.4mB)
(a total of 243 A5 pages).

epub file for Nooks and Sony Readers (400kB)

mobi file for the Amazon Dwindle or many apps (600kB)

See below for how to obtain your copy for just a fiver.

Last updated 22:20BST 1st December 2015:
single file pdf version and electronic reader files available.
Finally managed to get the Serbo Croat and Greek passages to show in the right typeface
(on my Sony Reader and the pdf, at least)

If you have a copy and want to keep up to date with any changes,
let me know at dailowe@hotmail.com and I'll try to keep you appraised of any further updates.
Feel free to tell me what you think, especially if you enjoy it.

Fardel's Bear is definitely not for kids. But if you have any aged 7-12 or are childish enough yourself,
you might fancy checking out Little Mr Poonlop's Seventh Holiday
free (for now), hopefully hilarious, but downloadable in even more formats ~ one even folds into a book and has a snazzy cover!

It's not going free just now, but it is with agents/publishers, so grab it now if you want a bargain.

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