The Collected Blogs of


Dai Lowe




You know, here in Edinburgh, kangaroos in dungarees

often bound up to me in the street and say,

'You live in a world of your own, mate!'


Here is a list of links, a cacophony of connections,

a treasure-trove of texts through which you too can visit that world.


I've blogged before and I'm blogging again.


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Remember myspace?
Here are my collected 2006-7 blogs as pdf files.


Download and save them, read online,

or print them and read at your leisure —

perfect bedtime reading, guaranteed to have you asleep in seconds

or your money back.


Box Room:
the first 30 myspace blogs:
and the next load


Prefer them split by theme?


Shelf Life: the rather tedious but no doubt symbolic

history of Dai's shelves


Mad Gods and Englishmen:

the Church of God, Lunatic


Dangerous Dilettante:

Ars Gratia Arsoles


Life, but not as you might know it:

all other general musings




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Literary Criticism

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