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making things clear …

Like a few pages on this site, this one is a work in progress.

But planned changes are mainly in the areas of layout and aesthetics.   Anything you might need to know is here for now.

So, what can we do for you?

After 30 years in commercial IT and a few more doing various odd jobs of an IT support and advice nature, we've got pretty good at helping the technophic or just plain stuck with all manner of technical issues.  As one nervous business manager was once reassured by a colleague, "Don't worry, Dai's not like most IT people: he communicates in English!"

If computer help or advice is what you seek, but you want to read more about our services, allow us to usher you to our 'sales brochure' pages, an entertaining and bloody informative romp, which tells you everything you need to know, and more.

But another advantage of being a sociable cove, who's been around the block a few times, is that a good few home-handyman and other skills have been picked up along the way.

I'll be adding a few ideas and maybe a new page regarding this in the very near future ('now' being July 27th 2015). Watch this space.

So if you want to contact us, about any of these things, feel free to send us an email at

Now, on the off chance you want to know more about the 'brains' behind Lucidity Ltd (making things clear …), you can go to the Dai Lowe pages, or, for a potted history of the company, read on …

Lucidity came into being, mainly as a means to process income from contract IT work in That London in the 1990s.  Your friendly neighbourhood CEO was sharing life (and offering shares and secretarial work) with one Lucy Perry at the time, and the two of them discussed possible monickers.

"We should call it Peripatetic," she suggested; "you work in various places, I'm Perry and you're …"

Rejecting this one, the less insulting conflation of their names, Lucy-dai-ty, was chosen.  And it seemed particularly apt, given that my aim is always to explain and communicate what is needed, rather than just tap a few keys and leave a client with a sense of bafflement and without a warm feeling of confidence.

It may put me out of work, but I'd rather the technologically tentative gained an idea of some of the deceptively simple tricks of the trade, than use jargon and nerdspeak to keep them laying golden eggs.

I'm not sure how useful CVs are, really, even the honest ones. You can click here for a full one up to 2002, and a spoof one written by my then wife in the 1980s, which is really jolly amusing (he said, without a hint of bitterness).   I'd rather just hand out a sheet saying, creative genius, technical wizard, great problem solver, but, by way of a summary of past employment ...

4 'A' Levels at West Bridgford School, Nottingham
Victoria University of Manchester, BSc Hons Computer Science
5 years Applications and Software Programmer, Rowntree Mackintosh, York, PL/1, IBM Assembler
6 years Applications Programmer, Database Technician, Warwickshire County Council, PL/1, IMS
20 years contract programming, development & maintenance
      including London Electricity, Societé General, Warwickshire, NatWest & RBS Banks
1 year out, learning HTML and website design, Playa la Caleta, Cádiz, Spainland

After which, for reasons we won't go into (cherchez la femme), moved to Edinburgh, tried to make it as writer, visual artist, cookery guru, lover, poet and performer, while providing varied IT and technical assistance, fixing PC issues, setting up Access databases and small websites, etc.

Which is where we find him now.

If you seek his monument, look around this website

Lucidity Limited
oh, it's clear enough!